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Finding the balance of our own nature.
Discover your Ayurvedic Body Type (Dosha) with this simple quiz.

Here is a quick Ayurvedic assessment. It will show you the range of elements within you. 

Please understand we change just like the weather.  So you can identify your own nature to be one or more of the choices.  So it can be good to do the quiz twice, then read the explanations that follow.  

For a more  in-depth explanation and understanding of your Ayurvedic nature,  please feel free to contact me.


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Your Primary Dosha is:

People with high amounts of earth and water are known as kapha type bodies. These heavy elements mean they can have a strong, sturdy body frame. Their frame can be large, dense and compact. Kapha people have the same elements as mountain and trees, so this makes people very extremely stable by nature. Their eyes may be soft and large, like moons, and their hair is very thick. Learn more.

People, who have high amounts of space and wind element, have a vata type body. As there is no weight in space and wind, a vata body tends to have a slender frame with less body weight. They may also be tiny or very tall. As these slender bodies have little fat tissue, these persons can feel the cold. Learn more.

People, who have high amount of fire and liquid elements in them, are known as having a pitta type body. The fire and liquid elements enables them to transform their body shape quite effortlessly. So generally they have a good proportioned body. In their finest and youngest form, their body resembles the power and glory of a great warrior. As the fire elements burn bright in them, their complexion can shine with a lustrous glow and the body temperature can maintain the heat all year round. Learn more.

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We are a blend of all the elements.
Most of us identify strongly with a certain nature.